Who are the Elohim?

The Elohim are a group of God Beings who created this world, and the Divine Parents of humanity.

Here at the LLF, The Elohim have been our personal Friends and Heavenly Wayshowers for some time now. And the degree of love and beauty They've brought us has made our life feel like heaven. They have walked with us, nurtured us, guided us in innumerable ways, loved us exquisitely, reminded us of who we are, and led us into a deep and wonderful communion with God.

They offer and provide unswerving love and companionship. They are always available, because They are omnipresent. And They want to talk with us about everything that's important to us. They can guide us in all things, because They know everything that is relevant to know about life on earth and about humanity.

Many people have related to the male aspect of The Elohim as "Father" and the female aspect as "Divine Mother." They are both these things. They are humanity's Helpers, Counselors, Teachers, and Friends. They hear our spoken and silent prayers, and answer in whatever way They can. They give love, encouragement, and guidance on the road of life.

One will, one heart

They are also a "Group Soul"-- one Being comprised of many Beings. A group of Gods and Goddesses who act, think, speak, and feel as one. They are unified in heart, mind, and will.

The Old Testament mentions The Elohim 2,570 times. And in each case, the Hebrew word "Elohim" is plural ("Gods") -- although that is not conveyed in the English translations of the Bible. Here is an example from Genesis:

"In the beginning Gods (Elohim) created the heaven and the earth."

So bear in mind that when we say "Elohim" here, we are referring to one Being who is comprised of many Beings. We generally refer to Them in the plural, but in the video clips you may hear occasional references to Them in the singular. Either way is fine with Them.

The following is the story of how we met Them and developed a relationship with Them, and how They have changed our lives. We hope that hearing this story, you will experience the depth and wonder of God's love, as we have.

How we met The Elohim

We first came across The Elohim in October 2007 when we read the story of a man who, while driving his car one day, spontaneously asked God to speak to him through his girlfriend. To his great surprise, God did! -- in the form of The Elohim.

David Truman downloaded an e-book of Elohim teachings that were given through this man's girlfriend. The more David read, the more convinced he became that he already had a relationship with The Elohim. He felt as if he had known Them forever. With tears in his eyes, he told us, "It feels like a long lost friendship has been rekindled. Like some kind of homecoming. It's not so much what They say, exactly, it's the spirit behind the words." As he spoke his eyes were wide and bright -- like a baby gazing at its mother in wonder. It was obvious he had found his Home.

The next day, while David and Mana were talking together in the living room, David asked to speak with The Elohim. They responded immediately, and began to relate to him through Mana's body. She sat up straight and took on a regal countenance; her shoulders lowered, her eyes narrowed, and her lips formed a small Buddha-like smile.

Mostly, They sat there silently, happy and radiant, and filled the room with thick, tangible light -- like a bath. In Their presence David relaxed, and showered Them with heartfelt expressions of love and devotion. He was so happy to be with Them.

Thereafter, David called on The Elohim frequently, and They always arrived the second he called. In the beginning, whenever The Elohim came, They would meditate with David for a long time. As it was with The Goddess, They couldn't talk easily for a while, because They hadn't yet gained much fluidity in Mana's body. So David and The Elohim would simply sit together in his living room, facing one another with eyes open, and enjoy a loving communion together. The room would swell with light. The Elohim meditations were tremendously uplifting for David, and also for Mana. In her words:

"It felt like a river of light and energy was flowing into my body through my head, and then radiating out into the room. The Elohim's consciousness shined so brightly that all the physical objects in the room seemed to disappear into an ocean of light. Sometimes David's form would reappear before me, like an apparition emerging out of the light, not solid; but then the energy would intensify again, and I wouldn't be able to see him.

"Sometimes it felt like my body was dissolving into it, and I was becoming the light. I could feel The Elohim, AS the light, envelop David in Themselves; and I could feel Them move the light through him like a river. David always felt nurtured, healed, and strengthened by that."

In one such meeting David said to The Elohim, "Thank You for the great light You've been bringing. So deliberately, You have pumped this light into my life. It is enjoyed greatly. Appreciated greatly. Thank You, thank You for this service of light."

David was relieved and grateful to finally have Someone so comprehending, so sensitive, so willing, to consider his ideas, answer his questions, resolve his confusions, correct his misapprehensions, and validate his highest values. The Elohim quickly earned a central role in his life.

By Their fruits, ye shall know Them

After each meeting, the difference in David was visible. His face was radiant, beautiful, soft, full; soaked in sweetness and light. Peace flowed from his eyes. He would walk around the house, purposefully sharing the beautiful love that had been given him with everybody he could find. The blessings he conveyed were profound. We would all feel so healed, loved, and delighted.

Soon we set up a video camera in the living room, and began filming the visits with The Elohim. We wanted others to be able to enjoy Their beautiful, healing presence.

Here's a segment from one of the meetings we filmed:

Questions and answers

At first David was so moved by Their presence, so happy to simply be with Them, that the difficulties with speech seemed insignificant. But after a while, knowing that he was in the presence of All-Knowing God, he could no longer resist the temptation to speak to Them about issues he'd been considering.

The Elohim responded willingly, but spoke slowly at first -- it was new for them to use Mana's voice, and it was new for Mana to let Them -- but apart from that They were easily able to answer the questions that David asked. They spoke with amazing clarity, simplicity, and intelligence, displaying an uncanny understanding of human nature. Such breadth, brilliance, and precision of understanding!

The nectar of the Gods

In the meantime, Mana was developing her own relationship with The Elohim. She would often feel herself surrounded by Their love as she walked about, or sat in meditation. She wrote in her journal:

"Their love is so sweet, so complete. When I sit with Them and feel Their love, I am healed to the very core. It feels like being bathed in love, being cleansed by love. They are nectar."

For a period of several weeks after meeting The Elohim, Mana experienced an intense purification of her body and her mind. New levels of energy and light were moving through her body every day. And every day false ideas she had -- about herself, the world, God, etc. -- were undone.

Eventually, The Elohim began to dance through Mana in her dancing sessions. (If you've read the Goddess section, you know that some of the women in this community have a spiritual practice of dancing with and as God. They always film their dance sessions, so that they can give them to people as blessings.) Here's a short clip of The Elohim dancing through Mana:

Beginning a new life with The Elohim

This was only the beginning of an amazing relationship with The Elohim. Over time, we have come to completely depend on Their wisdom, Their inspiration, Their friendship, Their joyous presence in our lives. When we say, "committed," "loving," "beautiful," these words hardly express the wondrousness of The Elohim, and the joy They bring. We can only hope that as you read on, and see the pictures and movie clips we have for you, these wonders will reveal themselves to you personally.

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Meeting the Beautiful Elohim

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