Sharing God's Love

Although some think that spiritual evolution ends in the extinction of individuality altogether, that is not God's plan. God NEEDS someone to work through, and with. In a world in which God's voice is not perceptible to most of His children, He needs a more accessible means to convey His love, His blessings, His healing. That's where His human servants come in.

Often, in working with God, He will need you to play a substantial role. As a messenger or intermediary, you may need to translate ideas, to explain them. You may need to work creatively in the healing process. Still, all the while, you are actively surrendering to God.

Of course, at times it is also possible to function as a pure channel of Divinity, allowing God's light to shine through a completely open channel. A strongly loving person will grow to function in this way. Through loving more and more, you become better attuned to God's intentions. The more strongly and purely you love, without concern and self-focus, the higher you raise yourself. Eventually, you become transparent to God. Then it's a natural step for God to enter the picture.

But when we talk about channeling in this sense, it's different than the common notion of mediumship. Generally, in what is termed channeling, the channel "disappears" temporarily, and the entity being channeled takes over completely. In that case, the channel has very little responsibility for any part of it. Here, we are talking about working WITH God, in a fully conscious fashion.

However, channeling is not the usual mode of cooperating with God. God wants to love with you, and loves to work WITH you -- not just INSTEAD of you. This is God's delight. Imagine it this way: God the Parent could do your homework for you, but what good is that? The fun part for the Father is to sit down with you and tackle the problems TOGETHER. "Wow, what are we going to do about this one?"

God wants to work TOGETHER with us, to enjoy a "functional intimacy" in this very tangible sense. And that's what the Life Divine is all about.

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