Message for spiritual teachers

Now that we understand the redemptive value of our banished humanity, how can we help bring it to life, for our own good and the good of the world? First, we should make sure that we, as spiritual teachers, are NOT part of human/ego problems, but rather, part of Divinely human solutions. HOW? ....

ONE, we must be mindful of the particular ways in which traditional spiritual admonitions and teachings INADVERTENTLY support people in egoic misinterpretations about our humanity. We can, on the basis of that awareness, consciously anticipate those pitfalls, describe them, and teach people how to AVOID them.

TWO, we should extend and exemplify NEW teachings whose purpose is to BUILD confidence and esteem in WHAT GOD CREATED as human beingness. This is REDEMPTIVE in nature. It redeems the idea of personhood and the creation of human beings as unique entities, as Divine creations.

We can implement/further that purpose by:




Revealing/praising the VALUE of Divine human qualities.

BEING living EXAMPLES of true and Godly humanity OURSELVES.

Teaching how humans can RIGHTLY and EFFECTIVELY USE their human qualities for the good of man and God.

Bringing forth our true Divine humanity will re-empower our human family on the evolutionary path and go far in healing all the problems we currently face.

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