The Spritual Challenge of Participation

We are all part of a worldwide relationship and this relationship functions like any other. It requires our participation to stay vital and positive.

A healthy intimacy, a healthy country, and a healthy world society -- ALL of these depend on real and right investment, on every level. Peace, love, and understanding are created and maintained ONLY by virtue of hard work, deep commitment, and personal sacrifice on the part of those who understand.

The luxury of inactivity has its price in all relationships. In this case, the price is, we get to watch world civilization go down the tubes. We watch it decay and die from lack of care by millions of delinquent, would-be, should-be caretakers like ourselves.

We don't watch a baby to see if it thrives -- we FEED and NURTURE it to ensure that it thrives. Let's feed and nurture the world we depend on, okay? see article

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